Thin Solid Pure White Opal


Everybody needs to have at least one opal ring in their collection. Opal jewelry is one of a kind and unique in nature. No other piece of gemstone jewelry is like opal jewelry. These beauties feature fiery displays of color that change before your eyes!

This charming Pure White Bello Opal Ring is the perfect addition to your jewelry box to add some fun and glam! Made from a solid piece of bello opal, this beautiful ring truly shows the beauty of this material. These are, to me, accessories every everyone needs to own, regardless of your age, occupation, and lifestyle. They are light and comfortable, perfect for casual wear or even special occasions. And in addition, opals are known to bring happiness, loyalty, and love.

Commemorate your birthday, graduation, or special occasion with our unique rings. If you buy this stunning Solid White Opal Ring you won't regret it ever. Because of its beauty, opal is a treasure to anyone you give it to. Pretty, precious and dainty, opal gemstones are simply spectacular!


  • Handmade item
  • Gemstone: Opal
  • Raw stone
  • Width: 4mm - 6mm
  • Comfort fit
  • Obsidian finish
  • Made to Order

Making sure you receive the highest-quality ring means more than simply using the best materials. Each ring is made-to-order and done by me in my studio using modern techniques to ensure excellent quality and sharp details. They are made from opal, which is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Also, people with allergies to gold jewelry can wear opal jewelry because it is naturally hypoallergenic. A hand-faceted "obsidian" finish is applied to the ring to create even more facets and angles for the different colors to reflect on. Infused with a durable resin that makes it incredibly strong, it is a must-have that will stand the test of time!

    Thin Solid Pure White Opal

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