The Antler

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  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Ceramic, Wood
  • Can be personalized
  • Made to Order


Tennessee whiskey barrel wood, deer antler, and crushed turquoise inlay ceramic ring.
This is the perfect wedding band with a bold and unique design for men.
The ring is made of a ceramic ring shell, whiskey barrel wood on one side, deer antler inlay on the other side, and crushed opal in the middle. Ceramic is highly scratch-resistant, second only to sapphire and diamond. The wood and crushed turquoise have gone through multiple steps of sealants for a shiny and water-proof finish.

- Sizes  5 to 7.5 are 6mm wide.
- Sizes 8 to 15 are 8mm wide.
- Ring thickness is approx. 2.3mm.
- Ceramic ring is polished for a smooth look.

There won't be any two rings exactly the same as each other. Each ring is unique because the wood, antler, and seashell were naturally collected. We can't control or guarantee the pattern or colors of those parts of the ring. Some parts of the antler, wood, or sea shell might have darker or lighter colors and spots than the other parts. Some parts of the antler can be just creamy white with very little pattern, and some parts will have a lighter or darker pattern. Please know that the range of pattern and color is what makes this ring special.

- Avoid chemicals such as acetone, acid, bleach, etc. Other chemicals that can damage the resin sealant coat should also be avoided.
- Ceramic is a very hard substance (7-8) on the Mohs Scale, compared to diamond (10) at the highest.
- Resin coat and the inlay materials are not as hard as ceramic.
- Ceramic rings are almost care-free due to their hardness and scratch resistance.
- Ceramic ring is hypoallergenic and non-conductive (great for electricians).
- Although extremely rare, ceramic is brittle and can be cracked or shattered under some circumstances (drop on a hard floor, accidentally hit the ring with something). All ceramic rings on the market are brittle, even ones that cost over a thousand dollars. The ring can be replaced (within 1 year from purchase) for 35% of the original purchase if damaged, shattered, or broken, regardless of how it happens.
- The color is solid, so it doesn't scratch and show the silver underneath like a black-plated tungsten or titanium ring.

- We use a professional-grade ring mandrel and digital caliber to measure the ring before shipping it out.
- Please get your finger sized by 2-3 different jewelers for COMFORT-FIT rings before ordering.
Warning: String, zip tie, and internet print-out methods are not accurate!!!