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Antler whiskey Titanium Ring Wedding Bands

Whiskey Barrel wood has an eye-catching look that reveals a story from the past & one of your future. This is one wedding band you won't find at your local jeweler. Comfort-Fit bands have a rounded interior, allowing them to glide over knuckles easier; they don’t pinch and sit on the finger more comfortably than other rings

This Unique handmade men's wedding band is made from deer antlers and whisky barrels. Both the wood and antler are treated, stabilized, and water sealed to ensure quality and durability for many years.  


  • They are light, comfortable, and durable.
  • Perfect for casual wear or even special occasions.
  • Special handmade men's wedding ring from deer antler and whisky barrel wood
  • The ring then goes through multiple processes of sanding and buffing to get a smooth finish.
  • 8mm Width
  • Comfort Fit